“Cat Bui He Duong” is an old Vietnamese film directed by Nguyen Khanh Du, Nguyen Khanh Son with the participation of actors Nam Anh, Thuy Vu, Thanh Thuy, Thanh Hoang.

Cat Bui He Duong tells the story of a boy named Hieu. As parents divorced, Hieu dropped out of school and fell into a burglary. Being taught “practice” but Hieu could not bear to escape. One day on the way home, Hieu saw his father hand in hand with a strage woman while leaving his poor mother tireless making life on street, Hieu left.

Hieu joined a newspaper selling group. Helped by the good heart, he escaped the capture of the old bandits. One time while selling newspapers, Hieu met his dying father on the roadside. He has taken him to the hospital.

Cat Bui He Duong brings the audience the most meaningful story in the family story